OUr excellent staff

Leading our Resident Care is Chablis Pasquale, LVN.  

Chablis has been with Townsend House since 2001, during which time she has moved up the ranks, had two children and earned her Nursing degree!  

Susan Hertfeldt is our Assistant Administrator.  Susan came to us as a family member of a treasured Resident and now is helping to run Townsend House!

Our staff members enjoy working with seniors and take great pride in their work.  All staff complete an in-house training program to meet our standards as well as our Residents special needs.

Experienced Management

Before buying Townsend House Assisted Living in 2008, Mike had already bought renovated and started two 6 bed Assisted Living Facilities in Chico.  Mike began his healthcare journey as a Home Health Aide providing personal care to seniors in and around the Boston area.

 Mike decided this was the path for him and went back to college and  received his A.A. in Occupational Therapy Assisting in Boston in 1996 and decided to come west. 

On his first assignment he met his beautiful wife America, a Speech and Language Pathologist. Due to the shortage of therapists Mike and America had the opportunity to work and live up and down the state of California.  Mike was the Rehab Manager for the therapy department of a large community in Santa Barbara where the focus was rehabilitating Seniors in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Mike and America also have worked in Rehabilitation Hospitals, Home Health, and numerous Skilled Nursing Facilities

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"As owner of the Townsend House I encourage you to stop  by and visit our home"

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